Plague Of Evil

Plague Of Evil

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Update: Feb 19 @ 6:05pm

Added spare change mechanic to all perk machines, Black Ops 4 Max Ammo, Better lighting in a few Generator spots, Fixed the End Game Trigger, Added a hint for the Switch during the Easter Egg step, Added more dog spawns during lockdown, fixed an issue where zombies were getting stuck in the pack a punch room, and fixed Brutus having the same health for all 1-4 players (his health did not multiply with more players before,now it does).

I am aware that the revive icon isn’t working when a player is downed, im assuming it might be because of having a custom Lua file, i will soon look into this as well.

Will try to upload with the fixes this weekend! Got it fully working with the fixes minus the revive icon not appearing and the cutscene not available. Those will come in a later update![/b]


Plague Of Evil is the first chapter in Realz’ Call Of Duty:Black Ops III’s Mod Tools storyline. Players will find themselves trapped in an abandoned hospital where remnants of Element 115 reanimate the undead, creating a challenge for them. Explore the hospitals main lobby, childrens waiting room, cafeteria and surgical rooms where weapons, traps and perks are planted for your advantage. So stack up on ammunition, and perks to ready yourself for Group 935’s most dangerous creations.

This is a reupload of the original map. Reinstallation of the mod tools unfortunately has caused the map to be heavily delayed. But in the time being, i have added a load of content to the map!


Electric Traps, Soul Collectors, MW Weapons, Easter Egg, Shield, 6 Perk Slot, and the Origins Shield, Easter Egg Music


I have received alot of help to recover this map and bring it back to steam, and it wouldnt be here without the help of you guys and everybody in the Mod Tools community. It is possible that i have missed people in the list so if i have missed anybody in the credits, please get a hold of me and i will add you in!

Models: Madgaz Gaming
Character Vox: GCPeinhardt, DTZxPorter, Ardive
Kino Zombie Models: Erthrock, DTZxPorter, ZeRoy
Custom Powerup and Jumpscare, Buyable Ending: NateSmithZombies
Weapon Ports: TomBMX, Scobablula, Azsry, TheSkyeLord (including lilrobot, Ray1235, Collie, DTZxPorter, .115 Cal, JBird632, SpSSdy, raptroes, Blak, Jari
Game & Assets: Treyarch
Lua Inv: Logical Edits
Skybox: Zeus Krazy
Testing: Philixander, Humphrey, Madgaz, honestkiller, Blaiseiken
Scripting: SUMMIT ONLINE, Symbo (Teleporting), F3arxReaper666, Dobby, Sphynx (Missing Sounds), LG, VerK0, Harryb021, OhhMyAssassin, JBird632, Divinefury, kaizikuroof
Traps & Music: Shootable EE: uptownpap25
Soul Collectors: MakeCents
Shield: Sphynx
Shaders: Robit


Easter Egg Song: Sinyells – Be Yourself


I have added a discussion page for any bugs or crashes you experience. Please let me know anything you experience and i will try to fix them!


There will be certain things that have changed inside the map since the first launch, for example; the tunnel room has changed completely, spawn characters are no longer the same, challenges have been removed, etc.



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