By robit & raptroes

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Our heroes return to Diner in search of an ancient relic, but nothing is quite how they remember.

An early addition to the map’s feature list; Daybreak has been built around the Trample Steam. You can use it to access parts of the map you would otherwise not be able to, and get back to places you’ve already been.

A staple of Black Ops 4 zombies. The Wraith Fire grenade makes its debut in Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies. And it’s just as overpowered as ever.

Also making its debut, one of Black Ops 4’s most underrated Wonder Weapons; the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfsch├╝tze. Headshots chain together a larger amount of zombies, so… aim for the head.

Refined over the course of the map’s creation, these Black Ops 4 weapons are some of the
most accurate ports to date.

The Victis crew return. Help them discover what awaits them in Daybreak!

Created by robit

raptroes – Main/ Side Quest Scripting, Wraith Fire, Nova Crawler Adjustments, MWR Models
GCPeinhardt – Ray Gun, Ray Gun Mark II, Tesla Sniper, Claymores, Power Lag Fix
Symbo – Trample Steam
Sphynx – Tranzit Shield, Console Commands
eMoX Manga – Victis Characters/ Vox, Black Ops 3 M16/ Peacekeeper Rig
HarryBo21 – FX Pack, Behavior Trees, Base Nova Crawlers
Marksman147 – Trample Steam Model, Hybs Diner Sign
TheSkyeLord – Black Ops 4 Weapons: Animations/ Models
ninjamanny829 – Black Ops 4 Welling Animations
Killer Potato – Wraith Fire Animation Re-rig
Clix, robit – Black Ops 4 Hitmarkers
Madgaz – Black Ops 3 Model Packs
booris – Black Ops 4 Models
Vertasea – Mystery Box Prefabs, Power Script, General Help
SlayinZM – Zombie Chronicles Zombie Sounds
Frost Iceforge – Zombie Eye FX
ZeRoY – Black Ops 4 Powerup Icons
Ardivee – Director Mod

The D3V Team (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem) – L3akMod
JariK – Black Ops 1, World War 2 HUD for Reference
QuentinFTL – LUA Help
lilrifa – LUA Help

Scobalula – Ambient Rooms, Cerberus, CoDDataDumper, CoDImageUtil, Greyhound, Harmony, Husky, HydraX, SEModelViewer, T8ZoneRipper
Planet – SEAnimScanner
DTZxPorter – ExportX
ZeRoY – DuplicatorX
ApexModder – GDT Generator UI, T8 Barriers
Treyarch/ Infinity Ward/ Raven Software/ Sledgehammer Games/ High Moon Studios – Call of Duty
Modme / T7Mods / Mod Tools Discord – Community

Special thanks to
Kayak, Swek, Skalv, Crighton, Logical, Hybs, VerK0, Xela, Deets, ImaOddCow, mc.error, Dobby, Jules, Garrett, Tmk Boi, Jackk_rl, Ronny



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