Der Riese Declassified

Der Riese Declassified
By TZ Ghosts, Ducky, Eric Maynard, Lucas & FonkeyMunkey

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“The Giant has risen. Face the might of the Nazi Zombies one last time, in their heartland. This is where it all began. This is where his master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends? Return to Der Riese for the final time to discover the secrets still left to uncover.”

Experience Der Riese like never before: Reimagined from the ground up for modern day scale and presentation, whilst preserving the map?s decade long legacy. With a new quest, new audio design, and lore that fits in the canon but expands what you know about Der Riese; Declassified is sure to be an awesome experience for anyone who enjoys the original, and even those who don?t or have never played it!

(Ensure all audio channels (Music, Voices, FX, etc) are turned up and level before playing the map to ensure the optimal experience. No worries streamers! No copyrighted music included.)

-Full Scale Lore Friendly Main Quest/Easter Egg
-Fully Rebalanced and Reimplemented WWII-era Weapons
-Lore Friendly Side Easter Eggs
-New Wonder Weapon
-New Lore Friendly Radios/Recordings
-New BO4 Style Expansive Dialogue System
-Full Map Dynamic Soundtrack created from non copyrighted COD Music

TZ Ghosts – Mapping/Project Lead
Eric Maynard – Narrative Lead/Main Quest Design
Connor Sivley – Scripting/Making the Thing Do the Thing
Lucas Vice – FX/Art Work/Design
Ducky – Additional Scripting
Caljitsu – Lore Consultation
HitmanVere – HUD and LUA Work/Bouncing Betties/Constantly Fixing Stuff
Treyarch – Zombies. Mod Tools. Our Inspiration. This is a love letter to you.

Additional Credits:
lilrifa, JariK – Lua Assistance
Killer Potato – WW2 Stielhand Grenades
TheSkyeLord – Base of Weapon Ports
Scobalula – Game Asset Extraction Tools
DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos
Vertasea – Base Teleporter Scripts
FrostIceforge – BO2 death hands
The Black Death – Riley Sound Template
Symbo – Samantha Easter Egg Base
JoshWooCool – BO4 Quote Files
Ronan_M – Perk Shaders
Harry Bo21 – Rumbles, Physics, FX Pack
ConvictioNDR – Dog round buff/fix
GCPeinhardt – Power Switch Script
Wafflez – Zombies Chronicles Sound Pack
Ardivee – Dolly Cam Mod Used in Trailers
Azsry – Helped with Kronos, Tutorials
JBird632 – Anti-Cheat and Cinematic Mod Menu
Canadian Marshmallow – Tester and Flamethrower stats
Andy Ennis, Greer, Chromastone10, BenchAppearo, Flame150, Weber – Q/A and Testing



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