Pinkamena’s Dungeon

Pinkamena's Dungeon
By: Zeus KrAZy

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After taking refuge in Sugar Cube Corner, one nightmare ends and another begins. Their next objective is to escape the labyrinth they ended up in. However, one of them has other plans…

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— ### UPDATES ### —

If there are no changes, unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the map.

#March 18, 2021

– Fixed zombie hitboxes.
– Added hitmarkers.

#March 19, 2021

– Fixed missing dialogue for Fluttershy when making crawlers.
– Added new ambience for the map.
– Corrected trigger properties for jumpscare trigger.
– Fixed some “Not Available” text to display nothing.

— ### NOTES ### —

There are 3 buildable tables in the map, but you can only build 2 things.

Please use /map_restart instead of /fast_restart. It doesn’t like to register the lights for fire fx when fast restarting.

No pony pack is required to play this.

This is also my second map ever made and published.

You can either play as:

Rainbow Dash
Pinkamena Diane Pie

— ### MAP INTEL ### —

Mini Boss every couple of rounds.
6 Perk Limit.
No Gobblegum Machines.
Revamped Ray Gun.
Easter Egg Song (Copyrighted probably)
Shootable Easter Egg
Jumpscare Easter Egg
Small Main Easter Egg.
Signal Easter Egg with Song (Not Copyright)
Pony Survivors.
Pony Survivor voice lines.
Zombie Ponies.
Teleporter with Pack-a-punch room.

There are also a bunch of small secrets that I didn’t mention here.

— ### SPECIAL THANKS ### —

Soul Beat for the workshop thumbnail.
EthanroccoBlacksun9898, and TwistedTheCrux for helping with screenshots.

— ### Note from me ### —

Hey everybody, first of all, thank you guys for playing the map!

Second of all, I’m aware of the map closing Black Ops 3 after you lose/win. From what I’ve been told, (Still need to do more testing on that.) it seems like an issue with the custom characters being imported. If that is the case, then I do have an idea on (maybe) how I could fix it.

Lastly, I probably won’t update this map anymore, but I have been working on new ones. (Two are still work-in-progress.) I can’t exactly give a release date of when those will come out, but whenever they’re ready, I will be releasing them and hopefully they’ll be just as fun as this map.

Thank you for reading this.

— ### CREDITS ### —

Custom Round Numbers:
NSZ Prefab Bundle:
Skye’s Weapon Ports:
ProRevenge’s Gun Ports (Ray Gun):
BO2 Death Anim:
Not A Dev Assets:
Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena Voice Clips:
BO4 Perk Bottle Materials:
Mike’s repertoire of assets:
Spiki’s Buried Ghosts:
Spiki’s Brutus:
The Giant’s Power Switch:
Melee Weapons:
Matryoshka Dolls, Custom Announcer and Model Packs:
Lost and Found:
Trading Table:



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