Simple And Hard Progressive Map!

Simple And Hard Progressive Map!

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Buenas tardes otra vez!, Que tal?, hoy os traigo un mapa “Progresivo” mientras + puertas abras + ventanas/spawners, lleva una wiki de Poker988 en el mapa, en una parte, porque me quedo corta en el primer mapa, ahora esta + completa :), Este mapa es muy dificil, o al menos cuando lo estaba probando, me parecio dificil, pero igualmente os deseo mucha suerte zombers…
Aqui teneis mi partida con el EasterEgg:
7 Puertas, cada vez mas caras
Todas las bebidas basicas
Un EasterEgg bastante sencillo
Todos los iconos customizados
Todas las armas cambiadaas, menos las de la pared.
Camuflaje basico del Pack a Punch.

Good afternoon again!, How are you? Today I bring you a “Progressive” map while more doors you open more windows/spawners will be, it has a Poker988 wiki on the map, in one part, because It was a little bit short on the first map, now It is complete :), This map is very difficult, or at least when I was testing it, it seemed difficult to me, but I also wish you good luck zomber …
Here is my game with the EasterEgg:
7 Doors, increasingly expensive
All basic drinks
A simple EasterEgg
All custom icons
All weapons changed except those on the wall.
Basic camo of the Pack a Punch.



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