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Forward intel has identified a facility, once a thriving mineral mining site, now home to sinister experiments,
terrifying biological weapons research, and teleportation advancement. Tread carefully, we don’t know what you’re walking into.

– DO NOT use /fast_restart as this can cause FX issues across maps in general

– AVOID using any perk/weapon mods. This map is designed and fully tested to be ran standalone. Running additional mods may result in gameplay issues or crashes due to game engine limits.

For the best visuals:
– Use ‘rec.709’ for Display Gamma in Graphics Settings
– Enable Volumetric Lighting (Medium/High)
– Enable ‘voice’ & ‘fx’ audio channels. All music is on ‘music’

Known issues:
– Not enough zombies spawning during final Easter Egg step. A slight overhaul of that ending step is planned.
– UI issues with overlapping text when doing the No Damage Challenge or Trails. Everything still tracks properly, just the on-screen text for other players is visible causing it to overlap.

– Full Main Easter Egg
– Voice over guided storyline (Make sure ‘voice’ track is on)
– Fully Custom Trial System
– 14 Perks & Wunderfizz 2.0
– Modern Warfare 2019 Weapons
– Hidden Easter Eggs
– Custom Powerup
– Ammo Matic
– Craftable & Upgradable Monkey Bombs
– Take No Damage Challenge
– Music Easter Eggs (Streamers: Turn off ‘music’ track)
– Zone Name HUD
– Shootables for Additional Perk Slots
– Buildable Rocket Shield
– Defence Objectives
– Customised Pool of Gobble Gums
– Traps
– Custom HUD
– Teleporter

– TheSkyeLord – Modern Warfare 2019 Weapons
– xZoay (@zoeytruran) – Team Leader & Pilot Voice Overs
– Lloyde.va (@Voice_of_Lloyd) – Command Voice Over
– StylishFailure – Loading Screen
– MadGaz – Custom HUD, Assets, Crusaders Ale, Wunderfizz 2.0
– ZeRoY – Assets
– Planet – Wunderfizz 2.0
– DivineFury – Wunderfizz 2.0
– HitmanVere – Activating Zone via Script help
– Logical – Assets, Die Maschine Round Sounds, ICU & Tactiquilla
– Sphynx – Craftable Monkey Bombs
– Garrett – Die Maschine Round Sounds
– func_vehicle – Customised GobbleGums
– xoxor4d – Flashlight
– warpspider – Pausing/Resuming Round Zombie Spawns
– Symbo & HarryBo21 – Traps
– Khel Mho & Blak – Vigor Rush
– MikeyRay – PhD Flopper
– TJ UndeadSlayer – BO4/CW Window Barricades
– MidgetBlaster – Die Maschine Zombies
– treminaor (UGX Mods) – Timed gameplay script
– Mickheala Ray Liotta – Scripting Help
– NateSmithZombies – Money Powerup
– Vertasea – Power Switch
– MikeyRay – MW 2019 Textures
– SethNorris & QuentinFTL – Zone Name HUD

– StylishFailure
– Z1620
– MadGaz
– NeonSlice
– iSayPwn
– Ramsplooge
– Sky
– Fanatic
– Easton McCrate
– Caleb Ross

Custom Perk Descriptions:
Gives faster health regen
Speed boost when health drops below 50%
Player becomes immune after 1 hit while reviving, drinking perks, paping, and crafting

Allows to you to fire while sprinting
Silent footsteps
Multi-kills grant bonus points
Every bullet fired has a chance to regen back into the clip

Crusader Ale:
Knife killing a zombie will warrant 2x points for the kill
Increased knife strength
Free shield repair at end of each round



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