Dead High

Dead High
By: Green Donut

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This map will occasionally be switched between public and private/unlisted to allow people to test out features and provide useful feedback while the map is being developed. Please check out the discussions section for more information about specific current and future features in the map. Let me know of any bugs or general issues as I will be updating on the workshop as the map progresses. Thanks and have fun!

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Wellington High School. July 2012. Horizon Communications (HZC) is a telecom company trying to use the power of 5G to improve it’s products and services. After building a prototype 5G tower in the football stadium of a local high school over the summer, a zombie outbreak began in the area and only continued to get worse. That same night, 4 WHS students on the verge of their senior years snuck into the school grounds for fun and games only to become the potential heroes to stop the 5G outbreak. With weird magic boxes, bad tasting soda, and HZC’s own 5G technology at their disposal, they must find a way to take down the prototype 5G tower and save not only their school, but the world.


Map development began October 11, 2016
Created by one with advice & help from many.

Disclaimer: Wellington High School is a fictional school



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