Zombie Sumpf

Zombie Sumpf
Version 3.0 Final By: xJimmy33

Map Features:

— Main Easter-Egg with a new Wunderwaffe as reward and also a little surprise

— Japanese Zombies

— No Dogs

— Blur effect at spawn

— New weapons: Origins: MP40, STG44, Mauser;; / New Wunderwaffe;; / Ray-Gun Mark II;; / Shovel

— Changed weapon FOV for a better weapon-feeling!

— Changed FOV

— Changed viewhands

— Meleetime increased

— You run faster with upgraded weapons!

— BossZombies, after EE!

— Solo random character

— A Zipline

— The Flogger-trap

— 4 Regular Perks;; SpeedCola, Jugger-Nog, QuickRevive, DoubleTap

— Normal detail with a nice green fog ;D

— Pack a Punch

— Mauser C96 as startpistol

— The Panzersoldat with custom animations and also scripts by BluntStuffy!


— Some HUD-changes

— An Ending

— A “PARTY-ROUND” between round 25 and 30! ;D

— And more i forgot..


BluntStuffy –> Scripter of most things in the map! Also the Wunderwaffe, MOTD-box, Mauser and the Panzersoldat-animations and scripts!

YaPh1l –> For scripting support and also for some questions! + Changed the MK2 impact & Blur effect at spawn

TheKillery –> PaP-Camo from the Mark II and Boomhilda

NaziZombiesHD & Steviewonder87 –> Mauser / Boomhilda models

Henkownd –> Panzersoldat-models

Elfenlied & Rollonmath –> Mark II animations 

Tito –> Origins STG44, MOTD and Buried zombie models!

Bookable –> Zipline & Flogger script / tutorial

DeadraDescent –> MP weapon files

UGX-Team –> easy-fx

UGX-Forum –> General help

ZM-Forum –> General help

TOM_BMX –> Tools and the shovel!

RadimaX -> Added new area near Speed-Cola

Darkrapture -> multiple box-script

BamSkater33 & JR-Imagine -> Fixed Mule-Kick

BamSkater33 / jei9363 –> Solo revive & random characters

javipotter -> Blundergat anims

Not there? Please ask..


– Added Shi-No-Numa zombie animations

– Added new mystery-box (avaiable after easter-egg, WW also in the box after EE)

– Fixed some bugs with the mech + added taunt animation

– Fixed Quick-Revive hintstring + price (disappear after 3 buy in solo)

– Make the doors a waaay cheaper

– Fixed some “Clip bugs” where the player can jump out of map

– Added a new area (made by RadimaX :) )

– Added Mule-Kick (the working version ;)

– Wunderwaffe improved!

– Mystery-box has now 2 spots (haha)

– Added official anims for the MK2

– Overall perfection in some more stuff!

– Added ambient sounds!

– Added new weapons (!):
         – DP28
         – Springfield
         – SVT40
         – Blundergat (no acid gat, but with shock-ammo! 8) )
         – Minigun

-The Mech crashing the game should be fixed, and some small adjustments to the mech have been made.
-Also some people might like to hear WW’s have some more effect on the mech again, and there are a few 
true Boss-killers in there btw..
-Also the gate to the special box is now active from the moment the soul-chest at PaP is completed, instead
of after the 3 mechs have been killed..

Hope these small changes balance things out a bit more!
Good Luck ;)


BluntStuffy and xJimmy33 out!  8)




1 Player
Player Time Map Game Watch
2 Players
Players Time Map Game Watch
3 Players
Players Time Map Game Watch
4 Players
Players Time Map Game Watch


1 Player
Player Round Map Game Watch
2 Players
Players Round Map Game Watch
3 Players
Players Round Map Game Watch
4 Players
Players Round Map Game Watch

Nazi Zombie Purgatorium 2

Nazi Zombie Purgatorium 2
By: deper63923

Warning, Map seems to only work Solo, crashes in Coop.

this is the second part of my other map “nazi_zombie_purgatorium”… is a colorful map with many custom effects and all textures customiced…..

-3 melee damage guns (katana-axe-sovel)
-deathmachine (power up)
-desert eagle
-1 special gun (Lanzabolas)
-bo perks 
-five zombies (customiced)
-soul chest
-ambient effect personalized
-ugx jukebox
-bo shaders
-all custom textures
-exported cod4 models 
-easter egg (music)
-custom power up efects
-bo2 buildables
-power switch buildable
-coat of gas (buildable)
-buyable end game (buildable


-The Zombie Don
-ugx (jukebox and soul chest)



Beach Town

Beach Town
By: jei9363

he Basics: Jay was kind enough to take a basic idea I had for a map and to make it a reality using his own creative vision and expert mapping jiu jitsu. This map was birthed from my own desire for a NukeTown style map with more places to go and things to do and even some additional mystery.

What We Like: The map looks beautiful with its tropical theme being brought to life complete with fog and wind and lots of detail in many areas. The layout I feel is a great strength of the map with its narrow pathways and tight choke points as well as many ramps, ziplines and escape routes so you never feel completely trapped. It’s got a short easter egg that will require some thinking to complete as well as a mini easter egg to gain access to the PAP machine. The UGX Mod was a must for me and is a great addition to what I feel is a complete experience.

What We Didn’t Like: There was the plan to make a water tornado that would move around the map to keep players from camping anywhere for too long but it just didn’t make the cut due to time and some mapping issues. There were also some steps to the easter egg that didn’t make the final version which could have added to the adventure and replayablilty.

Final Word: I am very proud of this map and I know a ton of effort went into making this map the best it could be. It’s a heck of a lot of fun with many great areas to run around and just have a good time in. I imagine with 3 or 4 players all running around things would get pretty crazy. A big thanks to Jay for his work on this.


If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at [email protected]. Thanks : )



Illuminati Island

Illuminati Island
By: Chunkdogg9

This map features UGX Mod v1.0.3!

Story to the map

“It was that time of the year where all the elite came to an island in the Bermuda Triangle area.
They were discussing an isusse about element 115 they were all having with it 
But on this day there scientist were experimenting with it on 
test subjects and something went horribly wrong.
The blood thirsty zombies were born and broke out 
The Illuminati were evacuated from the island.
Your left in the storage room, Its up to you to defend yourself’s
for as long as possible until you get the boat built to get off the island!”

Well this map has taken me a far few couple of months so here is the map hope you all enjoy

Thanks to:

SajeOne (Easter Egg, Testing and help out with thing)
The UGX Team for the mod


– UGX Mod
– Buildable Ending



115 Mappers Frontyard

115 Mappers Frontyard
By: SpeedyNaut

Hello guy’s this is my first map on zm so plz don’t hate on it dance1

This is the fist map by the group 115 mappers. We took a break on junkyard but we will work on it asap.



All perks (jugg, speed, doubletap, revive, deadshot, stamin-up and mule kick (sorry no phd)

Ported weps from MW2 and MW1



CoD4 models (cars and heli pretty much) lmao1

Verrukt sprinters (Freaking hard) owned2

NO CONSOLE! Cheating bastards! ballbuster1


Custom guns thanks to CFG Factory, Sanya, Koene007
cod4 guns thanks to Rollonmath42
Black ops perks thanks to bamskater33 and OnlineX420
Buyable Ending thanks to Tom_Bmx
Verruckt Runners thanks to losangeles26
fixed jugg thanks to quizz
custom thompson skin thanks to CFG Factory
and a lot to jzob123 for porting the weapons



Nazi Zombie Quarry

Nazi Zombie Quarry
By: UltimateBear



Buyable ending

Der Reise style

Custom respawn speed

Custom FX

Custom weapons – swords


All 4 perks

Custom weapon names

Different names of weapons and colors

Some weapons have been edited

Boxing with movement

Thunder and rain

CoD 4 skins

Additional perk machine