Nazi Zombie Hotel

Nazi Zombie Hotel
By: bobbohobbo

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Hello, Ive been working on this map for some quite time, It is my first map I attempted.

Level Includes –
 – Full working sounds
 – Buyable Ammo
 – Elevator!
 – Dier Rise style map
 – All Dier Rise perks
 – Pack A Punch machine
 – Free Artlitery (3 minute wait to reuse)
 – Paid Artilery (3000 – use every 10 seconds)
 – 3 Story building
 – 6 Openable doors
 – Round Increaser button.
 – 2 Useable MG42 turrets
 – One way zombie spawn

This level was made so that you start at the bottom and keep pushing back to the top of the map defending the “Main Room”. All zombies come from the Underground room which leads to the open area.

Buyable Ammo stand.

One way elvator (Needs electricity) – This picture shows the top floor where the electricity and elevator is.

Wheres zombies come from:



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