Zombie Higher

Zombie Higher

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Spring, 2011

Location:  Trapped upon a highrise rooftop.
Chance of Survival:  Minimal

  Nearly a year has passed since the strange explosion that rocked this large city.  The zombie outbreak seems to be growing at an increasing rate.

  You have managed to develop a few new technologies during your survival here.  

  You have also been experimenting heavily with the mysterious DINO DNA.  You have turned what used to be very a harmful object into a very useful item indeed.  It could in fact save us from this place one day.

  Keep hanging in there.  I have managed to secure you a SNIPER located on a building ledge across the way. You would not want to SHOOT this man would you?

Get That DINO DNA Soldier!  That Is An Order!

General Chaos


  This map is based off of Nazi Zombie Hi.  I have removed the stairs on the sides and the zombies climb up the edges now.  Extra Teleporters have been added in to increase the randomness of your output location.  I have taken out the Nuke Launcher and replaced it with the Ray Gun.  However I have cut the clip size in half to level things out.  I have made some adjustments to some of the other guns as well.

**Differences From Hi**

— Higher ups the difficulty and adds a winnable ending.  
— Music Boxes
— Improved Weapons.
— DINO DNA Now Helps Player.
— No more camping the stairs, one heli blocker bought removes them all.
— AMMO Air Drop — Thank you CoDMapper
— More zombie craziness with them climbing edges.

-------------------- HIGHER v1 -----------------------------------

Authors: [ZCT]xCHAOSx

This Map is intended to be used with the ZCT MOD2_MW.  The mod was included in the map folder 
so please leave all contents in the nazi_zombie_higher folder.

ZCT MOD CONTENTS in the map folder

zct_mod2_mw.iwd 51,855kb
mod.ff 30,299kb


Once in the main menu, select "mods"> "nazi_zombie_higher" > "Launch".

Once the game loads again in mods, you can select the level from the Co-op menu or play singleplayer by typing:

/map nazi_zombie_higher

In the console.


Launch "mods" > "nazi_zombie_higher".

Then go to co-op and select the nazi_zombie_higher from the maplist.

(all players wishing to connect must load the same mod")


Issues, bugs? Please report to [email protected]




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