Nazi Zombie Undead City

Nazi Zombie Undead City
By: RaygunAlien2

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This is Nazi_Zombie_Undead_City 

This map takes place in a city where the Undead has taken over. A medium sized map with some custom scripts. You start out in a train station where the 4 were accidently teleported to from Der Riese in a teleporting flaw this is a spin off story before they get to Kino der toten and is will be more maps to come. After the train station you must open the first room to the city where you can see what went wrong. After that you must open the building at the end where the zombies first started and the mystery box will be there too! then open your way to the basement and you should be set and follow the road and have fun. I dont want to ruin the map for you so enjoy also there are easter eggs to future maps so have fun finding them.




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