The Morgue

The Morgue
By: tudark

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Hi this is going to be my first released map entitled (The Morgue) .  I have been trying to learn as much as I can in the short time ive had the mod tools installed, so most of the stuff ive learnt is over the past 8 weeks. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

Im about 70% on mapping but yet to put anything thing in apart from soul chests and couple of weapons,this is set in a isolated morgue where experiments used to take place ,now there is no living souls left just dead ones and the souls that are trapped in the mannequins that run the morgue. Im hoping that someone sees this and wouldn’t mind scripting some kind of ee to go with the dark theme as like I said im new to this and want to make a good map. I have custom sounds for the mannequins ( hear them whisper as you get close)

going to be.
blacktops perks
hidden weapons
hidden doors
end game
elemental ammo
plus more

I just want to get my first release out so then I can really spend time on my second release, im hoping that maybe can get a couple of mappers to make a mapping group to work on making really great maps.

please feel free to give advice or for any stuff you would like to be in there.




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