Santa Raus

Santa Raus
By: BraXi Version: UGX Mod Version

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Map Name: Santa Raus (console name: santaraus)
Size: Medium
Difficulty: Medium

Notes: Perks and Pack-A-Punch and a few minor things had to be removed from
map due to UGX mod exceeding 2400 image assets limit. We’ve tested the map
as much as we could, but please be aware that there might be still a few
small bugs.


  • BraXi – Mapping, coding
  • Ray1235 – Additional coding and pathnoding help, compiling map for UGX Mod
  • RadimaX – Awesome logo :3
  • SparkyMcSparks – Snow FX, christmas tree prefab
  • – Snowy pine and crate models
  • – Snow textures



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