Encampment V2

Encampment V2
Version: 2 By: ProRevenge

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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Encampment V2 – Black Ops 3 Mod – by ProRevenge (T4M REQUIRED)

 Shout out to HarryBo21 for all his assistance with this update, with perk scripts and many more, and working non stop to help fix co op issues we had :D You da man Harry!

 Note: Due to T4M, the Map may give bugged textures on load, to fix this, simply launch the map with your texture settings set to “high” instead of “extra”, when in game, they can be changed back to extra without issue, although I recommend turning Specular Maps and Shadows off before changing texture settings, as changing them in game has a tendency to make WaW crash, after they are set to extra, turn Specs and Shadows back on

 This is a huge update for my map “Encampment” Released nearly a year ago, featuring:
 – Vision and aesthetic overhaul
 – HarryBo21’s Perks V 5.2.0
 – Lots of Black Ops 3 Weapons added, including Supply Drop weapons 
 – Some of the older guns in the mod have been retextured to be better
 – Weaponfiles as close to originals as possible
 – BO3-Like HUD, including Round Counter, and Point Counter on the left
 – BO3 Double PAP Ammo Types added
 – Improved detail and texturing
 – Remapped some areas of the map
 – New Pack A Punch area
 – Power and Pack A Punch no longer need to be built
 – A New Special Round – Never before seen in Customs
 – A New Wonder Weapon
 – Improved ambience and atmosphere
 – A backing soundtrack
 – ZNS Zombie Shield
 – Challenges added, with a reward
 – Capped Zombie Numbers in higher rounds

 I would like to thank many people for making this update possible:
 DTZxPorter – Wraith, making it possible to extract Bo3 assets which make up the bulk of this update
 DrLilRobot – The T7 to T4 Anim conversion rig, making it possible to convert BO3 Anims to WaW
 HarryBo21 – Script support with almost everything, non stop help and testing
 RDV – Everything for the new special round, and getting it into WaW perfectly
 Arceus – Scripts and FX for the new Wonder Weapon
 Exofile – Support with some Gun Ports
 Ricko0z – Some base assets for gun ports
 Scobalula – Support with some Gun Ports, Support with new Vision
 Koan – General help and Menu image
 Fusorf – The new Loading Screen image
 Steviewonder87 – New Box model and FX, Support with new Vision
 lilrifa – New Pack a Punch Camo and some HUD images
 BrutalMcLegend – New custom Knife model
 Anyone at UGX or elsewhere who helped me make this update possible!

 Map Notes: The map is made for Survival and general fun, rather than EE hunting, there is no buyable ending, as they are not what Zombies is about.
 The Idle Downed animation sometimes bugs out, we tried for hours to fix this to no avail, it doesn’t affect gameplay, so we left it alone
Claymores are currently bugged

Send me screenshots or videos of your high round attempts on this map, I will keep track of them here :) Minimum round for Submission = 30
1: xTrain  –  Round 210 (!!) – 1 Player
2: Amplifiedvenom  – Round 94 – 1 Player
3: neanesis – Round 60 – 1 Player
4: Maxwest  – Round 52 – 1 Player
5: alX3x – Round 46 – 1 Player
6: lmg60   – Round 41 – 1 Player
7: Sammysam8238 – Round 39 – 1 Player
8: kayncnr  – Round 38 – 1 Player
9: DjMacabrp – Round 37 – 1 Player
10: Pro_Boocester – Round 35 – 1 Player



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