Version: 1.4 By: death_reaper0

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v1.4 fixes:
various bugs
co-op bugs
added 3 more additions to the divinium store
lowered divinium store prices
rare divinium sale event (half off everything)
more guns! (all are papable)

v1.3 fixes:
various bugs
co-op bugs
all players receiving dug up weapons
all players being damaged by dug up grenades
changed divinium store prices
easier to obtain divinium
staying in one room stops zombies spawning
pap room less campable  :troll:

v1.2 fixes:
various bugs
added vision change for zombify
grenades now have sound when dug up :nyan:
added new side easter egg

v1.1 fixes:
some zombies get stuck, i fixed at least most of these (didnt see it happen when testing)
dying from lava restarts the game
taking damage in zombify mode
game ends if a player is in zombify and all others down
i also added to the features for stuff i forgot about :3

this is cracked, a town set after the effects of moon therefore the entire earth has been changed for the worst. lava flowed throughout the streets and those who were left alive found it even harder than ever to survive. however, zombies seamed to be immune to the effects of the earths new conditions, so they set out to harness such power, but now only 4 soldiers remain…

this map was inspired by town survival and shadows of evil

liquid divinium – obtain divinium from purchases and use them to buy special things… (these stack between games)
zombify – like the afterlife and beast mode, except your a zombie! use this to open some doors and power up perks
13 perks – waw perks, staminup and mulekick (bo1) widows wine (bo3) and 6 custom perks (one is co-op only)
perma-perks – some perma perks from bo2 including perma jugg, cashback and insta-kill (stays after game-over or quiting)

perma jugg
effect: 200 health (300 with jugg)
how to gain: go down round 1 or 2 in solo without quick revive
how to loose: automatically lost at round 15

perma cashback
effect: 1000 points after buying a perk
how to gain: prone at a perk after buying it
how to loose: fail to prone at a perk after gaining one (this includes from powerups)

perma instakill
effect: kill zombies by touching them during an insta kill
how to gain: dont get any kills during an insta kill
how to loose: take damage during an insta kill (including lava damage)

perma phd
effect: explosive reloads
how to gain: reload a random amount of times in a single game
how to loose: reload too many times quickly (within 10 seconds)

bank – will store your points for future games! (stays after game-over or quiting)
weapon locker – stores your weapon for future games! (stays after game-over or quiting)
tranzit zombie models – because why not?
dig spots – grab a shovel and dig up power-ups, weapons and more (also has a golden shovel)
tons of cool guns – lots of guns from various cods (from cod4 to bo2)
easter egg for end game – a hidden easter egg, good luck!
various small easter eggs – this includes 7 ee songs and others…
buildable wonderweapon – a custom wonder weapon that you must build

Hint: Keep digging

credits: (in no particular order)

myself  ( death_reaper0 aka F3ARxReaper666 ) :lol:

sorry if i missed you  :nyan:

known bugs: (currently being fixed)
none currently, report back if you find one



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