Das Herrenhaus

Das Herrenhaus
Version 1.2 Final Update By: sethnorris

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  • Description: Das Herrenhaus is a zombie single player/Co-op map based in Der Riese style scripts and tries to capture the kino der toten feel. It represents an elite boarding school ruled by nazi scientists.
  • Background Story: In the last days of WW2 a british paratrooper unit was sent to a remote place near the Rhine. What was told to the soldiers was that they were going to set free a boarding school ruled by a nazi officer, and identified member of the group 935, the doctor Hermann Schuster. However the destiny of that unit remains untold. Two months after, with the war finished, the strange place was closed and abandoned. Nothing was heard of the students, professors, the british soldiers or even the doctor Schuster himself. A week later, somehow, Richtofen landed the teleporter inside the cursed building… The locals still remember that night, those screams, those lights…

Features Overlook:

  • Complete, circular and challenging map for regular zombie games
  • Perfectly working Bo1 Perks with Double tap 2.0
  • WW2 and cold war era themed guns with custom PaP and working attachments
  • Optional Major EE that starts with the release of a very hard Zombie Boss
  • Secondary EE for Wonder Weapon
  • Buildables
  • And much more I don’t want to spoil


  • Tom Bmx: Tools and tutorials
  • BluntStuffy: Most of bugs fixing, EE scripting
  • Steviewonder87: Major contributor, mentoring with weapon porting and animation. Gameplay features imaginer.
  • Radimax: Loads of Testing Hours and Main Hall Roof
  • TitoPricus & Sanya: Boss Model Rig
  • Codmoddd1234: Lighting assistance and troubleshooting
  • Harry Bo21: Shield
  • C.h.n: Improved Walking
  • DidUknowiPwn: Modifyied Stock Vision files (I got the methodology from you and developed my own vision file)
  • YaPh1l: Scripting help and Deutsch assistance
  • JBird632: Sound fixing and inspiration (your mapping skills inspired me)
  • Bamskater: Base scripts
  • Treminaor: Advices and UGX Mod tools. (weapons editor mainly)
  • HitmanVere: Testing Hours and advice


  • The map has a background music system. Is it licensed? Can I play it in a Youtube Video?
    • The right’s owners of the music used in the map are all from Jamendo and are properly credited in the readme and mod files. This music is given in CC license, for attribution, sharealike and noncommercial purposes. If any doubts, there’s a music slider in the game settings.
  • I hate the boss, it’s completely OP and invincible. What can I do?
    • The boss is part of the optional major EE of the map. He is the begining and the end of such EE, so If u dont’ like him, don’t start the EE. If u start it, then you’ll have to finish it in order to defeat him. ;)


  • I started the EE, but have no clue at all on what to do
    • Yup. you have some clues. This is the only thing I will say. Every step of the EE is actually described in the map or hud. And my apologies, there’ll be no text objectives or such. Embrace the challange. Share the word with pals and beat the map. I can guarantee you it can bee done.


I started this map two years ago, because I was talking all the time with my little brother on how would look a zombies map made by me. I never tought it was possible to make good maps till I entered this community and I saw some mapper’s work. They know who they are. This inspired me and made me come across this unbeliveable journey with thousands of bugs, errors, wrecked meshes and misplaced animations. I hope u enjoy this map as I enjoyed building it. This is my first and only map, and while I did all the building, most of the scripting and such, this is not a son to call mine alone. Many people helped me, and I hope they are as happy as I am to get to this day. My best wishes, and good hunt!






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