Return To Stairway To Hell

Return To Stairway To Hell
By: CreepersAreEpic

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Progress: 100% :D

Thank you to EVERYONE for all of your support and kindness! :)


“Stairway to Hell” was a map that I released June/July 2015 and after initial heavy criticism from the UGX community I decided to take it down on all sites, thinking that it was for the best. After I had done this I was flooded with messages on ZM asking where the map was and demanding to get the link for it again. Ever since then the response for STH has been terrific, not only has it been awarded several high positions in “Top 10”-type lists but it has become my most downloaded and most popular map to date. I wasn’t happy with the map from its release until now. I made it in 1 week consistently, as a “challenge” map, just for fun. It turned out that the map was extremely easy so the difficulty was raised and although the map is still quite easy today, it definitely provides a very casual and fun zombies experience. This is why I wanted to create a sequel…

“Return to Stairway to Hell” is the new sequel to the original and is nearing the end of its development. The new map will have lots and lots of new features that I wasn’t able to add back in June 2015 but now I can. The goal of the map is to create something that is FUN, CASUAL and SIMPLE. To reinforce my point, this is NOT a map to be taken seriously, it is for the casual player and if you’re not a casual player then it probably won’t be for you. That was the main issue with the response for the original STH as many people argued it was too easy, too simple, not as hard-core as they’d like it to be. I understand some people will have an issue with me releasing a sequel and say it’s just “lazy mapping” or “didn’t put enough effort into it”. But in reality, I feel I am able to – with the mapping skills I have – create an enjoyable zombies experience the way I envisioned it regardless of what anyone thinks makes a good map. I’m still learning after 3 years mapping and will continue to produce well-deserved content to these amazing communities and this map will be no exception.

What’s new?

+ Improved perks (courtesy of HarryBo21)
+ This includes: Dive to Prone (Explosion with PHD), Improved Deadshot, Improved Electric Cherry, “Who’s Who” Perk, “Widow’s Wine” Perk, and more…
+ New (different) weapons from: CoD4, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, AW, BO3, Homefront, Titanfall and other custom guns
+ New bold Arial font
+ Coloured zombie counter with progress bar
+ New map textures
+ Thundergun
+ Changes to map layout
+ Extra levels (more stairs)
+ More detail (texture patching on stairs, zombie’s windows etc.)
+ FOV slider in GAME OPTIONS (note: this may reset if you d2p)
+ New black zombie uniforms (so they are easily distinguishable from the coloured lights)
+ Light-blue zombie eyes
+ No more zombie grabbing
+ BO3-style round counter (numbers after round 5)
+ Custom skins for CoD4 guns from
+ HarryBo21’s motd mystery box
+ Custom textures from
+ Teleporter (60 second mainframe activation)
+ Origins PaP
+ Intro text
+ Bonus points model and message for power-up
+ ELEMENTAL AMMO power-up (Shock, Incendiary or Explosive!)
+ SUPER SPEED power-up
+ Buyable ending works (50k points)
+ PaP’able weapons
+ Buyable ammo for INDIVIDUAL WEAPON for 2500 points
+ 3 teddybear easter egg
+ And more to come in the future!

Known bugs:
– Some windows in the top few levels cannot be repaired without the carpenter power-up
– Game can become laggy if you are far away from the zombies 

I genuinely hope you guys will enjoy this new map, please leave any suggestions or opinions in the comments below – your feedback DOES matter. :)

RELEASE DATE:  Late May 2016

Thank you,




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