xSanchez78’s Der Riese Mod

xSanchez78's Der Riese Mod
Version: 1.0.6 By: alaurenc9

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This is a major mod for Der Riese, So I'll leave it in the map section.

TO PLAY LOAD THIS MOD: in console use devmap nazi_zombie_factory

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

After working as much as possible for the past year, dealing with the shit going on in school and my life, I am finally glad to release

xSanchez78’s Der Riese Mod


– Black Ops 1/2/3 perks ( no Vulture Aid :( )
– Hacker
– Dive To Prone
– Black Ops 2 HUD
– A Main Easter Egg To Beat The Game
– Hell’s Retriever/Redeemer
– Black Ops 1/2 Powerups
– A Second Pack-A-Punch That Makes Guns Shoot Electric Rounds
– Black Ops 2 Perma Perks ( Saves Over Games )

Easter Egg Steps:

– Step 1: Link all teleporters
   – If you don’t know how to do this….

– Step 2: Get Monkeys
   – Get monkeys from the mystery box

– Step 3: Get Hacker
   – The hacker is in one of the three teleporter rooms
   – It is on the table next to grenades in the MP5 room
   – It is on the shelf left to the AN94 in the AN94 room
   – It is on the animal cages to the right when entering PDW room
   – The hacker can only be picked up by one player, and can only be lost when spectating

– Step 4: Obtain The Retriever
   – After linking teleporters, throw one into the fire pit by the thompson
   – After samantha is done being pissed at you, hack the panel next to the mainframe
   – The retriever should spawn at the mainframe, free to pick up

– Step 5: Find The Secret Room
   – Shoot the flytrap panel ( everyone should know where this is ) with a pack-a-punched gun
   – Collect the three hidden items ( everyone should know where these are ) with the Hell’s Retriever
   – Stand infront of each teleporter and press [USE] to place each hidden item
   – Once all three have been placed infront of each teleporter, all teleporters will activate 3 seconds later
   – Any player standing in one of the three teleporters will be teleported to the secret room for 30 seconds
   – The flytrap resets after the round you return to the mainframe, and the process can be repeated

– Step 6: Charge The Teleporters
   – To continue to this step, you must visit the secret room three times
   – Each teleporter must be charged to escape
   – To charge a teleporter, have all players stand inside the teleporter room
   – The player with the hacker must hack the teleporter for 10,000 points
   – This cannot be done if a player is not inside the room, between rounds, or during dog rounds
   – Once hacked, the door to the room will close, trapping the players inside
   – A nuke will set off, killing all the zombies
   – Zombies will start rapidly spawning from within the room, all sprinters no matter what round
   – They will have round 30 health if you are on a round below 30, otherwise they will retain their current health
   – A certain amount of zombies must be killed with ELECTRIC weapons, otherwise the soul will not count
   – If you come unprepared, you can press [USE] on the door to cancel the charge, but you will have to wait until the next round to try again
   – Once you kill enough zombies with electric weapons, a second nuke will set off, killing everything, then the door will open
   – You must do this to each teleporter, and every time you start a charge, the number of zombies needed will be greater

– Step 7: Escape
   – To escape, you must repeat the flytrap step. Place all three items.
   – Once you place all three items, and ALL players are inside any teleporter, the game will be beaten

WARDOGSK93 – Ported pretty much ALL my xmodels
Partisan Executioner – Major weapon file/sound finding help
HarryBo21 – Origins Pack-A-Punch Animations + Mustang & Sally + Widow’s Wine FX
lilrifa – Widow’s Wine Grenade Models + MP5 Models
BluntStuffy – Ray Gun Mark II FX + Soul Trail FX
Scobalula – Five Seven + CZ75 Dual Wields
NateSmithZombies – Scrolling Electric Pap Camo + AN94/MTAR/S12/M27/Executioner Models ( No Holes )
Khel Mho – DSR/B23R/PDW/Scorpion Evo Models ( No Holes ) + Minigun Fire Anim
Tom-BMX – Awesome tools to get models/anims from BO1/BO2





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