Zombie Gulag

Zombie Gulag
By: Psh

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-No T4M
-Every “official” perk but Vulture, Tomb, and Who’s
-BO3 and Custom Weapons
-No Dogs
-Slight chance to get a PAP weapon from the Box
-BO3 Double PAP effects
-No Perk Limit
-Nightmare Mode
-BO3 Leveling
-No grabbing zombies
-50,000 Buyable Ending (No easter egg requirement)
– :gusta:
*No EE*

Known bugs:
-Restarting the game doesn’t work properly, exit out OR bleed out.
-Keeping perks in CO-OP after being revived.
-Diving in CO-OP shouldn’t be there, it also changes the vision.
-Perks moving where ever they want on your screen. 
-Don’t get the PP19 Bizon from the box if you’re Takeo.

-Harry Bo21
-UK ViiPeR
-If I missed you plz

Testers who reported bugs:
-Tim Smith



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