Zombie Swamp

Zombie Swamp
By: Broholdmy44

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Story – You and group 935 come to a jungle island to find out the secrets of element 115 deep in the jungle. Find your way through the thick brush and maze like structures built by the tribes that use to inhabit this island. Unlock the power of element 115 hidden somewhere deep in the island.

– Sounds for all DLC weapons and equipment
– Custom pap camo
– Zombie Counter
– No perk limit
– Shadows of evil starting pistol
– Custom wallbuy weapons
– Gobblegum machine
– Buyable Ending
– Mystery Box
– Dog rounds
– Maze challenge to find pap
– Zombie Shield
– Ragnarok hidden weapon
– Armory bunker with powerful weapons
– Custom attachments on some weapons
– Buyable ammo for starting gun
– Shootable perkaholic dead monkey
– Shootable teddy bear easter egg song

– Find the hidden dead mokey (Hint: The solution lies within a place where you may have a hard time finding your way through)
– Find the secret door in the maze to unlock pap
– Unlock the bunker armory
– Escape the swamp (yes this is in the map)
– Shoot all 3 teddy bears to unlock the secret song

This is my first ever custom zombie map. It is currently a work in progress and is not complete. By the time it is complete I plan it to be about 3 times the size it currently is. I plan to update it on a daily basis.

– GAM3VIDZ – Pack-a-punch camo, Buyable debris, Gobblegum,
– Hilluminati – Starting weapon
– CraftDanimations – Custom wallbuy presets
– Madgaz – Mapping tutorials
– Andy King – Buyable Ending



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