Forest Challenge

Forest Challenge
By: Alex Solowjow

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a very hard challenge map
tell me in the comments how long you survived!

100% done and playable! (i’m searching someone who can help me script an teleportation easteregg)

easteregg songs have copyright, do not trigger them if you are making a video

if you make a video or a stream about my map please let me know!

the sounds are now working without any mod thanks to MrRolord(YT)

because so many people reached round 35 here is a new challenge=
players who reached round 40+: (without staff mod)

First Place: ^1>}^7T1F^1{< ^7O^1r^7ath – Round 57 (bought endgame i guess)
Second Place: Phoenix – Round 56 (i didn’t knew that was possible xD)
Third Place: syndrom – Round 53 (bought endgame)
4th Place: The Zombie Turtle [TZT]? – Round 53 (omg wow)
5th Place: RageHappy with C4PT4INC0LTS- Round 47
6th Place: Presentpeak14 – Round 47
7th Place: bman847 – Round 44
8th Place: MadMan – Round 44
9th: ^3Vak^5izz^y – Round 41
10th Place: The Revenant with Mayhem – Round 40
11th Place: [StHi] EL EME NT X – Round 40
12th Place: kastanasalex – Round 40
13th Place: Cold with Magzion, Enderfoo and CA$HMoney – Round 40 (bought endgame

Update 1: fixed zombies getting stuck, added some more floor textures, added troll easteregg, added Kuda wallbuy.

Update 2: added trees, gravestones and other details outside the map.

Update 3: fixed a spot where you could get stuck! (thanks to ^3Vak^5izz^y”)

Update 4: Added more details.

Update 5: Added Bowie knife wallbuy and fixed some lightning (also fixed the daytime skybox thanks to KraiSeer and will make soon a daytime map!)

Update 6: Added some more details and language support for all languages.

Update 7: Fixed the Bowieknife wallbuy, added more details outside the map and added a light to the door.

Update 8: Added more details to the 4 gravestones of the 1.0 characters and added effects.

Update 9: Added Widows wine and moved the power switch.

Update 10: Added Gorod Krovi Pack a Punch camo!

Update 11: Added my name on a wall.

Update 12: Added a Shield Buildable! (the shield parts will be fixed later)

Update 13: Fixed some glitches where you could go inside pap and fixed the Shield parts

Update 14: Added a zombie counter

Update 15: Added a buyable ending for 200000 Points

Update 16: Changed the pap camo to der eisendrache’s pap camo and added a pap camo randomizer

Update 17: Added a claymore wallbuy and some details to the crafting table (2 perk bottles lol)

Update 18: Added the Revelations Pap camo randomizer and added tags!

Update 19: Added a little easter egg! (hint: gravestones) and removed the claymores till they are fixed!

Update 20: Decreased the cost of the endgame.

Update 21: added another music easteregg

Update 22: Gravestone easteregg fixed! no need to wait a sec between the shots anymore.

Update 23: HUGE UPDATE! Added double papable specialguns! (raygun, wunderwaffe, rocketlauncher, mr6), added alot of new guns to the box! (no custom guns yet), added Rocketshield to the box and removed the shield buildables because the shield is now avaible in the box.

Update 24: Added a 3rd easteregg song

Update 25: Added Mauser as starting pistol and the tommygun into the box (wip)!

Update 26: Gave the Tommygun and the Mauser a huge buff and made them pack a punchable (tommygun has no sounds and i have no idea how to fix that…)and added perkmachine sounds!

Update 27: Added lots of new guns to the box! (some have no sounds yet, waiting for treyarch to fix that) and added a gubblegum machine!

Update 28: Added Electric Cherry!

Update 29: Added 3 new guns, added the origins mystery box, added the town pack a punch, changed the pap camo (to support the pap camo for the custom guns) and edited the power switch!

Thanks to DTZxPorter, Harry Bo21 and Exofile for widows wine and buildables
Thanks to DuaLVII for the Zombie Counter
Thanks to natesmithzombies for the Buyable ending
Thanks to JBird632 for the Claymore port
Thanks to VoltiK for the Easteregg script!
Thanks to Kbw211 for the custom weapon ports
Thanks to DTZxPorter and Azsry for Kronos
Thanks to DTZxPorter for Wraith



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