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A dark(so dark it’ll troll you), scary, and tight map, it will be a challenge to beat. There are many custom wallbuys as well as custom perk shaders and a buyable ending with shootable easter egg,

(I will hopefully be making a new challenge map soon, im thinking a hotel setting, if anyone wants to see something specific in it or suggest cool features that would be great, i want to make my maps as great as possible)

-custom drops such as zombie blood,infinite ammo, and a few others
-brutus from motd
-zombie counter
-buyable powerups
-hidden pack a punch

-fixed glitches
-moved around wallbuys

Credits go to:
DTZxPorter (for the custom zombie skins)
Zeroy (for the custom zombie skins)
nadesmithzombies (for a majority of the scripting and brutus)
craftdanimations (for easy to follow tutorials and great videos)
IceGrenade (help with bug fixes and perk shaders, go check out his youtube channel for great videos)
elricos (custom m1911)

Hope you guys enjoy my first ever map

If anyone finds the shootables or PAP let me know or if u need help with anything in the map please feel free to put it in the comments as i try to respond to all of themput in the comments

please let me know if i forgot to credit anyone,hope you guys enjoy

I want to make more challenge maps like these so if you could put ideas for the setting and features of future maps or chalenge maps that would be apreciated


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