A-V-P Meatfactory Zombies

A-V-P Meatfactory Zombies
By: D-2-K ::.

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A remake of a classic map from Avp 2000 edition (Meatfactory)

no longer are they hunting the hunter instead theres a zombie outbreak its up to our 4 heros to clean out the infestation 🙂

Map contains ( in no specific order )

: Custom Zombie Models (Thanks to Zeroy) Tutorial by CraftDAnimations

: Buildable power switch (Thanks 2 Shinged) UGX mods

: Shootable Music EE (Thanks to uptownpapi25) Tutorial by CraftDAnimations

: Keycard (Thanks to uptownpapi25) Tutorial By uptownpapi25

: Buildable Shield (Thanks to uptownpapi25) Tutorial By Uptownpapi25

: Electric Traps (Thanks to Uptownpapi25) Tutorial By Uptownpapi25

: Custom CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS II perk shaders (Thanks to RudySPG) Tutorial by CraftDAnimations

: Ethrocks Guns Season1 V2 (Thanks to Ethrock) Tutorial By Ethrock

: Black ops 3 Wallbuys (Thanks to CraftDAnimations) Tutorial By CraftDAnimations

: PHD Flopper(Slider), Vulture Aid, & Der Wunderfizz (Thanks to WARDOGSK93) Tutorial by Icegrenade

: Zombie Traversals Pack (Thanks to JBird632,Zeroy,& Wakka) Tutorial by Wakka

: Amm-O-Matic (Thanks to Kingslayer Kyle) aviacreations.com/modme

: A Huge selection of Black ops 2 weapons (Thanks to Harry Bo21) aviacreations.com/modme

: Even more Ported weapons from across all COD Games (Thanks to Elricos) aviacreations.com/modme

: Custom Zombie Drops, Bottomless_Clip,Empty_Bottle,Fast_Feet,Time_Warp,Zombie_Blood, & Zombie_Money
(All thanks to Natesmithzombies) aviacreations.com/modme

: BRUTUS (Thanks to Natesmithzombies) Tutorial By CraftDAnimations

: Triggered Perk slotts (thanks to Natesmithzombies) aviacreations.com/modme

: Shootable Perkaholic EE (thanks to Natesmithzombies) aviacreations.com/modme

: Shadows of Evil Style Teleporter (with a Sci-fi Style Twist by Me) (Thanks to uptownpapi25) Tutorial uptownpapi25

: Changed ZOMBIE eye colour (Thanks to Frost Iceforge) aviacreations.com/modme

Hope i Didnt forget anyone 🙂



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