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A zombified reimagining of the CS:GO map Train.
If you are familiar with Valve’s Train for Counter-Strike, you will instantly be familiar with this zombies map. Drawing many similarities with the map, there are also some additions and map layout changes to boost the zombie experience.

This map is currently in an early stage. Feedback is very welcome, so please comment any suggestions or glitches/bugs.

Things I am currently aware of (that will be fixed soon):

-The zombie window rooms are either non existent or not detailed.
-The map is missing some texturing and details in places.
-There may be some poor clipping in places.
-DLC Weapons do not make any noise (this one will be a bit of a longer fix – hold tight)
-Dogs will be added soon.
-Main quest easter egg in development.

Please understand that the map has yet to have major detailing and texturing to happen. Lighting may be poor in some places.

Please enjoy and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will respond as quick as possible.


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