Revelation 9:6

Revelation 9:6

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“In those days people will seek death, but never find it. They will long to die, but death will escape them.”

Amongst the infinite dimensions of our story, this one stands out from the crowd. In this timeline, the crew take a visit to a place that Richtofen hasn’t seen in a while. His old bowling alley. Ricky’s father started the business and was expected to run the business after his father retired. But as it would be, Richtofen had other plans. He was interested in science and decided to leave the family business. Years later, he returns to his fathers business to check up on the place. But as the crew will soon find out, things are not going very well for Ricky’s Bowling Lanes.

Unfortunately, it is too late for Richtofen’s father. As the years went on without his son, he became a bitter old man with nothing much worth living for. Not to mention the hordes of the undead that began invading the country. On a cold autumn evening, he blew out his brains for the employees to find the next day.

This is my first map and I would highly appreciate construcive critisism and suggestions for the future. All that I know now came from the youtube community and there are too many people to give credit to for my knowledge. To name a few:

I may or may not continue to update this map, that is dependant on how the comminity responds to it.

I hope you enjoy it and have fun slaying!


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