Primis Challenge

Primis Challenge
By: Symbo

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You beginn in individual cages, once free you must fight 10 brutuses and an infinite horde of dogs to get to the buyable ending. Good luck!

Difficulty: Very Hard

– Higher jump
– no visible spawners
– traversals
– exclusive revive mechanic
– BO2 weapon
– verruct spawn style
– Tomahawk
– Brutus Arena
– infinite dog spawn boss
– Buyable ending

(free copyrights sounds)

thx to:
Harrybo21, JBird632, NateSmithZombie, Abnormal202, Zoek, IceGrenade.

Special thanks to Orel746 of CustomZombieFR and BugedPlayer

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!!! If the doors don’t open after the brutus fight, just wait 2 minutes and they be deleted !!!

Advice: console /map_restart
my personnal record to the ending: round 16

music during dogs challenge:



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