Kuro Hakai

Kuro Hakai
By: mindmirror

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An abandoned facility in the deep of an unknown swamp awaits you!
Good luck!

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-New sounds, textures and models
-Zombies Chronicles sounds
-World At War, BO1/2/3 and MWR weapons
-Green Zombie Eyes
-No powerup announcer
-Water Riser
-Verr├╝ckt Runners
-Music Easteregg (Lullaby For A Dead Man)
-You can get downed in 2 hits without Juggernog (Old School)
-Kino Style Teleporter
-Buildable Power
-Shootable Easteregg
-World at War HD Perk & Powerup Shaders
-Zapper Traps

Credits to:

-Symbo for playtesting

– HarryBO21, Jia909, ElRicos, eMoX MaNgA and ProRevenge for their weapon ports
– DTZxPorter (Wraith 4)
– fusorf (HD Perk shaders)
– Frost Iceforge (Zombie eye FX)
– IceGrenade (Shootable Easteregg)
– ZombieKid164 (Shi No Numa Perk System)
– Zynx (Witcher 3 models)
– Hamwunk (Verr├╝ckt runners)
– natesmithzombies (Kino teleporter script)
– Uptownpapi25 (Zapper Trap)


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