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Map looks a little different than the pictures steam workshop doesn’t allow me to update the pics/thumbnail.. Thanks Gabe —> Few pics

Hello and welcome to my first map ever it took me around two weeks to finish everything around it.. It’s my first map where I learned most of the stuff and tested out the tools so if you are looking for a huge map you aren’t in the right place.

I fixed most of the glitches and stuff that I could find if you have any problems just leave a comment or add me and message me with it I will be happy to fix it.
Thanks for subscribing/playing/suggestions and anything that could help me improve!

Survival Map – High round (easy)
Music EE
Buildable Dragon Shield
10+ perks
Custom weapons
5 random pap camos
Shootables to open ending
Buyable ending 10k
Jump pads

Harrybo21 for his soulchests/perks/weapons
JBird for his tutorials
Graffiti for sound fixes
D3V Team for L3AK mod
Redspace200 Jump pads

Known Issues
Margwa gun makes zombies/dogs invicible/invisible – Margwa gun hopefully removed not sure



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