Incubo Ad Anzio

Incubo Ad Anzio

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This is my first map and it is a remake of RabbiT’s map Anzio published for WaW in 2009.

Original description: The quaint little seaside town of Anzio in Italy went through a four months of intense battle and heavy casulties during WWII. Now these dead soldiers walk again, haunting the streets where they once died on.
Try to survive on the beach of Anzio. Map is in 3 different areas, open area near the beach with plenty of room inside the church for hope of survival and finally in the cantina underground for a last stand.

Credits: Jbird632, Madgaz Gaming, IceGrenade, Uptownpapi25, Graffiti (tutorials);
Erthrock (player models and zombie models);
TheSkyeLord (ww2 weapons);
DTZxPorter (Wraith and Kronos).

Features: CoD WW2 weapons, 4 original perks + PaP.

Feel free to provide bugs or problems with the map in the comments 😉



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