Holy Rosary Primary School

Holy Rosary Primary School
By: Kaizokuroof

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Version: Public Release 2 (Lighting tweaks, various bug fixes)
Lighting on the map uses Volumetric lighting (This needs to be turned on in the menu by default I believe). This will allow the light to shine through windows and such, just like my screenshots.

This is my first public release of my first public map. I’ve been working on this for a little over 2 months.

It contains a few scripted events that I’ve made, as well as some small easter eggs/Music. The music may not be entirely cosher with streamers.
This is my first map released to the public. I’ve tried to capture the feel of Black Ops 1/2 zombies.

The map contains the following features:
– Music box
– Buildable Power
– Buildable Shield
– Secret room
– Increased perk limit. You may have 4 up till round 15, where it increases by +1 every 5 rounds. At round 30 you get unlimited slots.
– HarryBo21 Weapons and Perks (Tailored for the map)
– Abnormal202 Cryo Soda and Snails Pace Slurpee

Huge shout out to Fridge, one of my close buddies, who tested this map religiously with me over the time. Without Fridge, this map wouldn’t be finished.

– ZeroY, Discord help and tutorials
– Madgaz, Discord help and tutorials
– Wakka, tutorials
– HarryBO21, weapons and perks
– Natesmithzombies
– Jbird
– Porter
– Modme
– JoeTrocious
– M5_Prodigy, Misc models
– IceGrenade, For being a cool bro, tutorials and general assistance.
– Abnormal202, perks and scripting tutorials

And many more for their assitance on Discord. If you feel like I’ve missed you and want to be included, hit me up and I’ll add you to the list, it was not on purpose 🙂



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