Redwood Survival

Redwood Survival
By: WeeWoo

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While on a journey through a forest your vehicle breaks down now you must fight to earn points to open the gate


A sort of remake of my old redwood survival map below

Old Version:

-Perks From All Zombies/No Perk Limit

-Buyable ending

-Tons of weapons for Various COD Games

-Buildable Shield

Scobalula [Player Models]
Harry Bo21 [Perks]
TheSkyeLord [Weapons]
Wild [Round Music]
DTZxPorter [Wraith & L3AK Mod]
DTZxPorter & Azsry [Kronos]
Ugx Mods [Buyable Ending]
Zeroy [WW2 Assets and Zombies]

If I Missed Anyone Tell Me Please. Also report bugs in the Comments!



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