Mixti Fori

Mixti Fori
By: Huruman

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UPDATE – 07/12/20

*Fixed the juggernaut perk with 250 points of health 

UPDATE – 06/15/19

* Added an optional version without nudity

* Fixed the Quick Revive bug in Solo

* Fixed the powerup minigun bug (you can no longer buy weapons while this powerup is active)

* Improved the respawn zombie in the last areas of the map (in the upper and lower part of the circular temple)

* Solved the possible problem of getting stuck in the blockade next to the PHD

* Improved some minor issues

Look at pics for discription

The hintstrings are not updated, so when the power is turned on, messages from perks dispensers and PAP are not updated.
Despite this, everything is functional:  the perks can be purchased without problems, and the weapons can be improved.
As long as you have the necessary amount of points, of course.



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