Nacht Der Agonie

Nacht Der Agonie
By: Javix 473

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14th of may 1945, the group 935 is trying to scape from allies and in a last chance of preserving their secret weaponry and experiments they stablished a base near the Franco-Spanish border to supply all the resources to Spain before it falls to unwanted hands…


This is a small custom map inspired by Nacht der Untoten and Verruckt with Pack a Punch, traps and perks.

Feel free to donate me!

Thanks to Skye for his ww2 weapons, QuentinFTL for the loadingscreen, erthrock for his kino zombies and ultimis characters, harrybo21 for the vox lines, Alienator130 for his thumbnail, ProRevenge for his ray gun rework and ray gun mark2 and Verk0 for his lut pack.



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