Pistol Town USA 1964 (Pistol Only Challenge)

Pistol Town USA 1964 (Pistol Only Challenge)
By: VoiceOfJared

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Welcome to a small United States town dedicated to pistols, of course that means the only guns that are available are pistols. The undead have flooded the town and took its hopeless people with it, The map has a buyable ending if you don’t feel like going through the rounds, there are also loads of hidden secrets

If you need a guide, check the pinned discussions on this workshop page.

Want my advice? Buy a wallgun and go for the power first, also if you get the Mauser, keep it and pack a punch it

features guns from games such as:
Modern Warfare Remastered
Black Ops 1
Black Ops 2
Advance Warfare
Black Ops 3
Infinite Warfare
Black Ops 4

there is no perk limit, the perks are:
Quick Revive
Double Tap 2.0
Speed Cola
Spamin Up
Mule Kick
Widows Wine
Stone Cold Stronghold

TheSkyeLord (all the weapons)
IceGrenade (round music and sound triggers)
HitmanVere (announcer change script)
muffinm.u.n.c.h.e.r115 (models from the map “five”)
Redspace200 (launchpad)
F3ARxReaper666 (Stone Cold Stronghold)
WARHOGSK93 (tombstone)
Jbird632 (traversals)
Treyarch: (the round music and diner song)



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