Railway Accident

Railway Accident
By: Praaly

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Railway Accident




Important information, this will probably be my last big map, I’ve been working on it for more than 7 months and there’s still a long way to go.
Here is a mini trailer of my Disaster Laboratory map.
This is one of my biggest project I’ve done with a certain budget for cinematics as well as voice-overs, models and script.

Have a good view.

My only gift that would please me and just a follow up on my twitter, I could tell you the advances of the new maps.
Twitter https://twitter.com/Praaly (Follow Me)

World Record : 54

CEO of corona virus

Notes (update)
We redid the map in order to have a better gameplay.
– The secret was out.
– The design of the map was over.
– Add sounds, ambiance

How To?


Welcome everyone to this first map.
You will be in the heart of a forest in the France on a small map challenge with a goal.
This map is for chill with your buddies you will have to survive the waves, find parts, make secrets to fix the train and leave to finish the map.
Knowing that your equipment has been derailed by an unknown force, you must join your teammate’s train.


How To?

I invite you to see the complete guide to see how the secret of the map is realized.



There is a place where you can drop your weapons in order to exchange with your friends.

You have perks in the map ( Jugger-Nog / Double Tap II Root Beer / Speed Cola / Mule Kick / Quick Revive / Electric Cherry / Widow’s Wine).

A secret is in place with a system of crafting things to find or restricting items to certain waves the secret will be long and complicated, but thanks to this you will be able to escape from this map.

Boss (that will give you an item that will be very useful in advancing the secret).

I invite you to discuss in the forum that was created especially for this purpose.



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ZeRoY, Sphynx, LeviathonXD
NaolShow, Symbo, alexisloic21
Planet, Kaizokuroof, warpspider
KillJoy, Niknokinater, xSanchez78,
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Sorry if I’ve forgotten any names!


ZeRoY, Sphynx

Sorry if I’ve forgotten any names!



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