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Hey thanks for checking out Todesruinen (Death Ruins), I am Z1620 and this is the first custom map I have ever made. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you guys have fun playing it. I wanna thank the modding community in general for just being nice and helpful. I plan to learn and grow my skills as a mapper and make more maps, as I enjoy doing this a lot.

A roman setting in which our 4 hero’s must find a way to escape the ruins. After arriving they discover an ominous feel to the sky above and must seek out why? Could the temple hold answers to their questions, venturing into the snowy areas will they find the answers they are seeking? There seems to be a familiar feel to one of the quests? Have they done this before but somewhere else?….

New map update is now live.

Map features:
9 perks,
Buildable shield,
Main easter egg,
Music easter egg,
Changing skybox,
Not a box map,
No perk limit,


Mapping: by Z1620
Scripting: by Vertasea
For Being ProFessorWeeWoo: WeeWoo
— — — — — —
Vertasea: Helped me learn how to make maps, Terrain work, Massive help
VerK0: Lighting/Probes
Xela: Misc Lights
— — — — — —
TheSkyeLord: WW2 Weapons
DTZxPorter / Scobalula: Tools

Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Activision

If I forgot to add you please let me know and I will add you to the credit list.



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