Naruto – Hidden Leaf Village

Naruto - Hidden Leaf Village
By: FrankCastle

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Element 115 has crashed into the village of Konoha. No one knows how but the fellow ninjas have now been turned evil and seek nothing but human flesh. Once again the SOE Crew are found in an odd scenario however this time they must fight their way through the endless hordes of zombie ninjas, defeat the Gedo Mazos, and get Tsunade’s help to save Konoha.

Fast restarting breaks the maps scripts such as the wallbuys, so I suggest doing a full restart from the lobby

  • Boss Fight that leads to the ending
  • Shootable EE For Perkaholic
  • 15 Custom Naruto Zombies
  • 5 Custom Naruto Boss Zombies
  • 11 Perks – 6 available from machines the rest only attainable through EE
  • IW & Ghosts Weapons
  • Custom Dog Models
  • SOE Crew
  • ZNS Shield & Buildable Power
  • Custom Naruto Character Perk Shaders , and round sounds
  • Challenging

  • – the rest you can find out for yourself

Special Thanks to:
  • MyNameisNobody – A lot of great ideas
  • Pepergogo – Boss fight script help
  • Vertasea – Script helping & Buyable Ending Script

  • Abnormal202 – Boss Fight Script
  • Verk0 – Lut’s
  • F3ARXreaper – Teleporting Zombie Boss Script
  • HarryBo21 – Perks, Craftable Sounds, Nova Crawlers, Pack a Punch, Mysteryboxes
  • Sphynx – ZNS Shield, Buildable Power, Command Testing
  • Robit: Amazing Perk Shader Templates
  • TheSkyeLord – Legendary Weapon Ports
  • Jay_Creations – Astronaut
  • Spiki – Cellbreaker
  • NSZ – Brutus, Hitmarker Script, Teleporter Script, Shootable Script

If your going to record a play-through please make sure to leave a link in the comments! I love watching your guys videos. With all that said I hope you enjoy the map! If you could leave a like rating that would mean the world to me 🙂



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