Mario 64 – Shadow World

Mario 64 - Shadow World
By: Spiki

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This is my last map. Mostly because some youtubers/twitch streamers basically live off my and other BO3 mod tools devs’ work and DON’T GIVE ANYTHING BACK. EVER. I make these maps for fun. I didn’t spend up to a year (some people even more) so some jackass can show up, stream it, make a few $100 and dump it like a used condom.
I really don’t mind people streaming my maps. I like watching people enjoy my work but you di.ckheads will not make a living off my work. If this paragraph changed your perspective and you decide to donate to a map creator for the first time in your life, it’s about ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ time. Just so you know, your stinginess is the reason I can’t afford hookers.
P.S. Your contests are a joke and your channels would be dead without us and make your own thumbnails

Donations are hella appreciated. Many thanks to the people who donated.

If you don’t play with music you gay

-Not a single ????ing soul collector

-D3V team

-Phane, if he gets his ??? online

Music –
Gauntlet –

As of right now, anyone claiming i did this for cash or anything related to this will be removed no questions asked.



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