Let It Play Inside Tower

Let It Play Inside Tower
By Crazy Bullen

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The Remake of Bullen’s Tower

Link to Bullen’s Tower: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1648809015
If you appreciate my work, please show your support with a donation via PayPal: paypal.me/bullen93

>>> SmokieMcPotter & Weeaboo Jones < BetaTesting > <Idea Masters>

<Low Gravity>
Perk Limit: 4
Perks: 33
Floors: 30
Checkpoints Jellyfish Diver let you jump up to the last checkpoint, like Jumppad.
Vending Machine: You can find this on Floor 9, where you can buy an Empty Bottle that lets you buy an extra perk.

Extra Helth Lever: If you can’t handle this map with just 150 health, pull a lever on the bottom near the spawn to get to 250 health, and can be pulled again to get to 350 health with 7 hits before going down.

GubbleGum: Is added on Floor 5 for everyone who wants to use it.

Easy Mode: With Sprinters, No Parasites, No Witches.
Normal Mode: With Sprinters, With Parasites, No Witches.
Hard Mode: With Sprinters, With Parasites, With Witches.
Insane Mode: With Sprinters, With Parasites, With Witches, Double!

Tip, use Weeaboo’s Eye (RW1) against Brutus.


Inside this Tower you will struggle against Non-Stop-Spawning creatures AKA You will die.
*Witches that takes your Points, irritating Dogs, Parasites and Brutus!

Teddy’s Box gives a Random Weapon drop like the ordinary Mystery Box, but the difference is that you can buy for your teammates. Cost 1500 with 10 sec Cooldown.

Teddy’s Pack-a-Punch pap your weapon for 60 seconds with 180 second cooldown.
Tip – you can’t interact with anything while holding the pap’d weapon, but you can change weapons and change back within the 60 seconds.

Teddy’s Firesale spawns a firesale in front of the Mystery box that will spawn shortly as all the other Mystery boxes on every eighth floor that starting on Floor 6. You will love the delicious weapons.

Custom Perk Shades & Powerups.
Custom Weapons with Custom Colors that show which Game they are from:
White: MWR, MW3, MW2 & BO1.
Green: IW & WW2.
Yellow: Ghost & BO2.
Blue: AW & BO4.

Mule Kick lets you carry 5 weapons instead of 3.
Dying Wish has been changed to 60 seconds Cooldown instead of 5 minets… Makes you immortal over 5 seconds.

Craftables: Powerswitch, Tranzit Shield & GKZ-45 Mk3. Find the Parts!
Easter Egg: No comment.

LB Easy Mode


LB Normal Mode


LB Hard Mode

Mylzers = 1h 32m 15s.
IceGrenade & Shxkee = 1h 40m 26s.

LB Insane Mode

Weeaboo Jones = 1h 51m 3s.

If you want to be on the LeaderBoard, you need to Record everything, And not use the GubbleGum or the Extra Health Lever.


>>> TheSkyLord < Weapon Master
>>>Xhaiil, by importing the < DIY 11 Renovator [Nailgun] > to me.
>>> HarryBo21’s Panzers
>>> Spiki’s Brutus & Buried Ghosts
>>> Scobalula & Symbo’s PARASITES
>>> PERK PACKs BO3-BO4 & WhosWho >>>
Raptroes, Hubashuba, WillJones1989, alexbgt, NoobForLunch, Symbo, TheIronicTruth, JAMAKINBACONMAN, Sethnorris, Yen466, Lilrifa, Easyskanka, Erthrock, Will Luffey, ProRevenge, DTZxPorter, Zeroy, JBird632, StevieWonder87, BluntStuffy, RedSpace200, Frost Iceforge, thezombieproject, Smasher248, JiffyNoodles, MadGaz, MZSlayer, AndyWhelen, Collie, HitmanVere, ProGamerzFTW, Scobalula, Azsry, GerardS0406, PCModder, IperBreach, TomBMX, Treyarch and Activision, AllModz, TheSkyeLord, Joshwoocool, Quentin, M5_Prodigy, NGcaudle
>>>Madgaz’s Perks!
>>>Icegrenade < Auto Zones >
>>>ProRevenge < Pro Mark2>

ZoekMeMaar: For the Idea, scripting, made the model, custom vox & Fx making!
Marksman 147: For mental support, and help on the model!
NateSmithZombies: for the original script and his work!
HarryBo21: for a function in Nate’s original script!
>>>GODMODE >>>
ZoekMeMaar for the idea and the work on the script!
NateSmithZombies for the original script and his work!
HarryBo21 for a function in Nate’s script!
IceGrenade for making me a awesome model!

>>>NSZ Powerups & Hitmark >>>

>>>Craftables >>>
– Harrybo21 – Craftables Template
– Lilrifa – Scripting/LUA
– MiKeY – Gas Mask Scripting
– ZeRoY – Scripting
– Scobalula – Greyhound/HydraX
– DTZxPorter
– Treyarch



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