MK Arcade

MK Arcade
By: eDeK

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MK ARCADE is a challenge map ( Mix of Mortal Kombat and Dead Ops Arcade ).


*Press “L2 / Smoke Button / Throw Secundary” to use the skill “THUNDERJUMP”.

*Press “R2 / Frag Button / Throw Primary” to use the skill “FIREWORKS”.

* Each player start with 200 of health. ( 5 Hits )

* Complete the random challenge to go to the next arena.

* Each 200K points you earn a live.

* Adjust your FOV to see more the map. ( I recommend you 100 or more )

* Each player has a little “Aimbot”, this is because is hard kill some mini bosses like:
( Valkyries Drones, Spiders, Dogs, Parasites, … )

* The first time you launch the map, maybe you get:
“ERROR Communication with the server has been interrupted”.
Click OK and click START GAME.

* I recommend use “/map_restart”, no “/fast_restart”.


* Yin Yang Island
* Nethership Interior
* Challenge Tower
* Moloch´s Lair
* Subway
* Shinnok´s Spire
* Acid Bath
* Shao Khan Fortress
* Shao Khan Throne Room


* Survive 5 minutes.
* Collect 85 Coins.
* Use 10 times ThunderJump.
* Use 10 times Fireworks.
* Destroy 500 Zombies.
* Sacrifice 9 lives.
* Get 45 Hits.
* Kill 35 Parasites.
* Kill 25 Napalms.
* Kill 25 Shriekers.
* Kill 25 Brutus.
* Kill 30 Witches.
* Kill 35 Manglers.
* Kill 20 Apothicon Fury.
* Kill 40 Thrashers.
* Kill 15 Valkyrie Drones. ( I recommend take a powerup weapon to kill fast a Valkyrie Drone )
* Kill 60 Spiders. ( if you kill 1 spider, this count for 2 spiders, idk, i need to fix it )
* Kill / Burn 10 Zombies. ( You need the Flame Thrower )
* Defeat the Orc. ( Always in the last Arena “Shao Khan Throne Room” )

All languages available.



Xdferpc Maps:


This map has not been possible without the direct or indirect help of Treyarch, Activision, Xdferpc, Spiki, Natesmithzombies, Frost Iceforge, Kingslayer Kyle, Ihmiskeho, Abnormal202, Cryoblink, JBird632, TheSkyeLord, UGXMods, GCPeinhardt, Scobalula, Kabe, ZoekMeMaar, Marksman147, Symbo, Erthrocks, Uptownpapi25, BlackMamba231, Icy, QuentinFTL, IceGrenade, Veertasea, IamThatMichael, Robit, Killjoy, Tom_Bmx, Graffiti, Ardivee, Zeroy, Jay Creations, MakeCents, Alexbegt, DTZxPorter, Azsry, Harry Bo21, VerK0, Romero1718, MagicLynx, Deexie thanks for share tutorials, custom weapons, characters voices, anims, powerups, lut, scripts, traversals, prefabs…



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