Ghetto Town

Ghetto Town
By: N.S.S.G Elwood

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** Update**

Fuse Step fixed.
Boss Clipping Fixed.


Years after the Pandemic had Spread throughout the world the small towns and ghettos were easily forgotten. Strange Aether readings were appearing from this small Ghetto Town so the O.G crew knew it was up to them to find out what mysteries lay ahead.

This is my first ever map that i decided to create for a bit of fun and to learn more about the zombie mechanics and how much hard work these pros put into there map.. i can assure you its a lot! haha.

I have set up a main Easter Egg with a few side Easter Eggs also. Will you be able to discover them all??

If not i will provide a guide with everything you need to know.

Other Features:

New Interest Style Bank System !?!
New Unique CAMO Guns !?!
First Chance to Easily use Juttes 4 NEW PERKS !
Perkaholic !
Max Ammo Easter Eggs !
Boss Fight !
and more !

Credits :
TheSkyeLord – Weapons
CraftDAnimations – Tutorials
JBird632 – Tutorials
Ice Grenade – Tutorials
Zombie Model:
DTZxPorter (Wraith)
Zeroy (packaging, importing)
Treyarch (original assets)
jutte – Perks

If Ive missed anyone I’m really sorry just let me know and ill add you!

This is my first ever map, i created around work and Youtube. So i appreciate its a little rough around the edges but any constructive feedback would be really appreciate!

I hope you enjoy!


If you wish to support my mapping or my Youtube channel a little further you can via this link



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