Numa No Mura – Survival!

Numa No Mura - Survival!
By: LilMatteus

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Numa No Mura Introduction!
After over a year since development of this project started,
myself with help from others have finally finished the survival version of this map!

Like nacht der untoten introduced us all to zombies, this small suvival map is the introduction for the future maps I’ll be releasing starting off here on Numa No Mura – A small swamp village with a classic feel, yet introducing new mechanics and fun experiences with friends or by yourselves!

What the map has to offer + Credits

This experience offers a small map made by LilMatteus, with 2 buildables; the powerswitch and the vine shield made by Sphynx, custom characters made by Kingslayer Kyle, Custom announcer sounds made by me and Kayem, An non copyrighted easter egg song made by Wolfbeyond, ww2 weapons and raygun mk2 from theskyelord, The D.I.E Shockwave made by Steviewonder87, Napalm, Sonic and spider ai’s from HarryBo21, Madgaz’s custom hud and custom scripting, the ammo buy station and hardcore mode by Kane and Koentje.

Future Plans

Yes, there will be another version of this map releasing through the next months with more
areas, perks, easter eggs, + more custom additions and the beginning of a new story line
which will take place throughout multiple maps!

RELEASED; Thursday february 4th – final update featuring;

Stability & optimisation[FPS] fixes
Minor script patches
lighting fixes
Final build for this version of the map

High Round Records

cause why not? dm me on discord with screenshots or links to your videos going for high rounds and I will add you to this leaderboard! LilMatteus#9312

[1. Nuddel & Lilmatteus – round 37]



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