Zombie Crash

Zombie Crash
Version: 1.2 By: chromastone10

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It takes place after my 2nd map, after finding a plane and escaping you end up crashing :P

Update: think I fixed the buyable ending to not glitch out

Update: Took out dogs so they won’t glitch out the map, for some reason though taking them out causes the game to lag for a few seconds when opening the 2nd door, not a big problem but it bugs me, but its better than having the dog round glitch out forever, also added the winters howl back in (yes I know it looks weird, along with the death machine, but I don’t have maya to fix it) 1.3: Removed lag that was caused from removing dogs :)

Working lantern (Scripted by JJ173[Apex] and YaPhi1l ) (model and anims by pauladam316)
Winters howl (thanks to RedSpace200 )
Black ops guns (including minigun) pack a punchable
Origins stg (thanks to tito)
mob of the dead music
2 mazes (so aMAZEing…. sorry)
buyable ending  (Zk tut)
black ops perks (thanks to bamskater) and waw ones
custom box music :P 
one way teleporters (Nukem)
3 bear easter egg for a song (Beauty of Annihilation) (BamSkater)
zombie counter (thanks to MrHankey)
Mac and cheese gun (Fun nod to the normal cheese gun :P )
Type righter intro (thanks to YaPhi1l)
Green eye zombies with custom texures (thanks to ZK tutorials)
Different viewhands (thanks to YaPhi1l)

Beta Testers:
Dynamicscripters (JJ173[Apex])
Midget Blaster

Feel free to record gameplay and upload it! I really like watching peoples reactions to my maps :)

(if I forgot anyone please message me and I will be sure to add you)



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