Nazi Zombie U-Bahn (Subway)

Nazi Zombie U-Bahn (Subway)
By: CrazyRandomzZ

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Nazi Zombies U-Bahn

Time: Unknown
Place: Berlin Germany

Goal: Locate the train platform and escape before its to late!

so not much or a story line here this is just good old fashion zombies madness.
the map is packed with custom weapons and a Easter egg along the way.

Feature List

-Black Ops Weapons
-Black Ops Quick Revive
-mw2 weapons
-special weapons
-beatable ending
-end game location
 with PAP mystery box
-Replayable Music Boxs
-Fast Paced zombie spawning
-Secret Room
-easter eggs
-weapon trader system

Testers LPs (beta version of the map, has been changed and updated MAJORLY since theese videos.

TheGamingGeek15 + CrazyRandomzz

CRAZY’S MAP! #1 – Custom Nazi Zombies – World at War
CRAZY’S MAP! #2 – Custom Nazi Zombies – World at War


U-BAHN! Custom Nazi Zombies!!! [Part 1]
U-BAHN! Custom Nazi Zombies!!! [Part 2]


One Known bug regarding model lighting, no fix so far but working on it.
Pack A Punch Mystery box sometimes failed to give weapon. leaving you without a 2nd weapon (cant fix)

Thanks To

ZK – YT Tutorials
Bamskater33 – black ops revive
Tom_Bmx – most of everything :P
DarkLord987 – menuscreen
MakeCents – commutable box 
YaPh1l – type writer intro
zombie madness – weapon porting Extra credits for extra work :)
Activaler – Easter egg
alzan12 – teleporter system
thegaminggeek15 – loadscreen art

if i missed you out let me know what for and ill add you to the list.

This map was inspired by SparkyMcSpark’s ‘Nazi Zombie Subway’.



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