Trailer Park Christmas

Trailer Park Christmas
By: GrantDaddy007

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This map features UGX Mod v1.0.4!

YAW Christmas Contest map. (YAW Footage at the bottom of post)

I had a blast making this in such a short time.  A big Thankyou to YAW for having this contest and also UGX for allowing them to host it on the site!  I really hope more of this happens in the future!

Best of Luck to all the mappers in the contest! I’m blown away at the work you guys have put out!

Bugs I’ve fixed since YAW played through it:

  • BO perks now have shaders
  • fixed drops from happening out of reach
  • Moved/added spawns to help prevent camping
  • added to layout a tiny bit to also help prevent camping
  • Sorry guys but I removed Tranzit zombies.  
    They had several bugs and I want you to enjoy the map as much as possible
  • Buyable ending is now 45,000(was 25,000)

This map is very challenging solo!!! I will release a solo guide on my youtube channel in a couple days!


  • UGX
  • YAW
  • Treminaor
  • SajeOne
  • Tom Bmx
  • Bamskater/jei9363 (BO perks and other help)
  • thezombiekilla6 (testing and feedback) Thanks man!!! Couldn’t have done it without you!!!
  • Yaphil (respawn points)
  • ConvictioNDR (zombies)
  • ZK (buildables)
  • BluntStuffy (soul chests)
  • TMG mark 2 fx

If I left anyone out PLEASE message me… it’s late and I’m trying to rush this out for you guys

Enjoy the map guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS



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