Ode To BlackJackJohnny

Ode To BlackJackJohnny
Version: 1.0 By: natesmithzombies

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download
A Thank You Map to BlackJackJohnny for his Youtube Tutorials
T4M is needed to run this map
The 4 heroes find themselves stuck in the remnants of the Factory Z115 site. The factory had become corrupt prior to the zombie apocalypse, contributing to air pollution in their production of a new element Z115. Element Z115 creates enough energy in a gram to power NYC for a day, but the byproduct causes the transformation of a human into a zombie. Zombies are still running the factory, and the only way to save the world is to shut down Factory Z115. 

BlackJackJohnny has a series of youtube tutorials on how to use cod radiant. Before discovering his tutorials my mapping skills were extremely limited. I came across his videos when troubleshooting issues when working on my second map “Zombie National Park”, which has been canceled due to my poor radiant practices. This map will contain mapping practices almost exclusively learned from BlackJackJohnny’s tutorials. 


     – Harrybo21 Perks 
     – Secret Double Jug (find all 4 Jug Bottles)
     – Earnable buyable ending 
           – survive rounds with friends or alone inside the factory
           – there is a twist to the ending
     – 5 Double PaP weapons (each with elemental effects!)
          – Uzi – can be double Pap’ed
          – Crossbow – can be double Pap’ed
          – Dragunov – can be double Pap’ed
          – Spas – can be double Pap’ed
          – Galil – can be double Pap’ed
     – Custom PaP weapons 
     – Secret Door
     – Buyable Perk Slot (initial 4 perk limit)
     – BO Guns
     – Nuketown Characters and Zombie
     – Hitmarkers
     – Zipline 
     – Knifing Blood Splatter


     – Set specular map to off in Graphics settings 
     – The map will be updated in the future
     – From start to finish the map took exactly 1 month (done over Xmas Break)
     – This is my second and last WaW map and was a preparation for BO3 Mod Tools


     – BlackJackJohnny for Youtube Tutorials
     – Harrybo21 for perks and random help
     – Hitmanvere for beta testing and scripting help
     – codmoddd1234 for dog round fix
     – alaurenc9 for the bulk of the survive rounds script (the locking and all players in area was my addition)
     – Scobalula for random chat help 
     – josemassacre beta testing
     – My personal friends Tswag- and Bsmith906 for input and beta testing
     – jei9363 for the zipline
     – Jbird632 for the blood splatter
     – Rorke for un-PaPed weapons 
     – Aidan for teleporter 
     – Tombmx for numerous tools 
     – Koan for scripting help
     – BluntyStuffy for elemental weapons
     – MZslayer11 for hitmarkers
     – Are you missing? My bad. PM me to be added



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