The Last Undead House

The Last Undead House
By: gamer9294 Version: 1.1

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A few years ago there was a virus called ‘Deadly-Z‘  after years and years is it impossible for the people to hide from the virus. The last man Alive had one option to survive that was in the last house standing,  we hope that he can survive it.


  • Weapon Loadout (on Start)
  • Small objectives
  • custom gun game
  • switchable difficulty modes
  • Searchbags (cod ghosts)
  • 6 Treasure Chests (magic box)
  • 4 codwaw perks:  Juggernog, Sleight of Hand, Doubletap, Quick Revive
  • Custom guns (bo1, bo2, mw2, mw1, waw)
  • Custom textures
  • Surviving rounds
  • Boss zombies
  • Powerups
  • Fieldorder (cod ghosts)
  • Perks Bank/Storage
  • Bo2 Bank
  • Easter eggs
  • Bo1 perk:  Stamin-up
  • custom perks: Stopping Power & Discount Sales
  • 2 different endgames
  • Hells Retriever/redeemer


if you changed the difficulty to “Easy” then it will disabling the Boss Zombies.

Game modes:

This Game mode is the default game mode, just survival and some objectives with endgames :)

Gun Game v1.0:
I made my own custom Gun Game, this gun game is based on kills:

extra cash (for guns) by kills:

  • Headshots
  • Boss

custom bonus drops:

  • x2
  • teddybear

x2 will double your cash for the guns to make it faster that you have a next gun.
teddybear will only works in co-op, the player that takes the teddybear keeps his gun and the other players will going 1 weapon back, this is because make it funny and more challenging to reach the last gun.

after round 14 it will also allow you to give extra cash by damage on zombies.

I know it is more based on co-op the gun game but the rule is simple, the first player that reached the last weapon wins the game.

Laststand v1.0:
I made also a gamemode:  Laststand and that is you need so long as possible to surviving in the house.


  • drops weapons on the floor when the game begins
  • drops each round a random stuff near the weapon drops
  • custom power switch
  • custom pack a punch

the custom power switch and pack a punch are in the house somewhere to make it easier and possible to get perks that already inside of the house.


  • HarryBo21
  • Classifiedd
  • Marsvinking
  • YaPh1l
  • Mr. Hankey
  • 3aGl3
  • Uk_ViiPeR
  • HitmanVere
  • alaurenc9
  • my self (gamer9294)  :D

if I forget someone tell me and I will add you to the credits ;)

I hope you enjoy my new map and have fun :D

Gamer9294 8)



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