Backlot Revisited

Backlot Revisited
By: ConvictioNDR

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Backlot Revisted is an update to my 2014 release of Backlot Zombies. New areas, new features, new weapons, new modes, more detail and optimization improvements.
– Complete arsenal of modern weapons.
– Difficulty option.
– Gun game. Get so many kills to move on to the next gun. First to the final gun wins.
– One in the Chamber. Everyone has a Deagle with 1 bullet. 1 kill = 1 bullet given. Survive as long as you can.
– Sharpshooter. Every player is given a new random gun every 1 minute 15 seconds. First to 250 kills wins.
– Ragtime mode (solo only). Turns the map into an old silent film complete with piano music. Works in any mode and the music is YouTube safe as it’s from BO2.
– Toggle Verrukt sprinters on or off.
– Challenge and reward system.
– Defeatable ending.
– Weapon lockers.
– Solo Scoreboard
And more to be found through playing.

AndreTheTirant – Help with various things in scripting and Radiant work.
Bluntstuffy – Rigged aliens, soul chests.
CODCZ115 – Loading Screen.
DidUknowiPwn – Gun Game and other scripting stuff.
jei9363 – Zipline script.
Jiffy Noodles – Some upgraded weapon names.
Make Cents – Randomize perk machines script.
PROxFTW – Solo scoreboard.
ShotgunRagtime – Some upgraded weapon names and testing.
Swazzy – HUD 
Tom-BMX – Lime, Lemon, Xmodel Utils, xanim exporter, maya tanim plugin, iwi to dds converter, ghosts sound exporter.
Treminaor – Hintstring fix.
Yaph1l – Typewriter intro, zombie head in a jar.
ZCTxCHAOSx- Captain’s Curse and testing.



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