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After the cold war the American soldiers left Hanoi. They soon forgot this place and had no idea what it had become. 
Vietnamese scientists formed their research on this forgotten prison. The experiments were kept hidden and no other humans were allowed near.
That is until the outbreak started. After that Hanoi was left to rot. 
There is something in Hanoi that we were yet to understand. An evil force that no one has dared to use. Until now…


-Original Black Ops Hanoi areas as well as new areas to explore
-Black Ops weapons and viewhands
-Main Easter Egg/Objective with an ending (not buyable) + A few mini secrets here and there
-5 Perk limit
-Boss zombie
-And more
JR-imagine = script placer Z
HarryBO21 = Perks and tutorials 
Ray1235 = Improved walk script
Rollonmath 42 = Weapon porting tutorials
DidUknowiPwn = HUD, Zombie Blood
Scobalula = Field of view slider
Aidan = Kino teleporter, maya plugin,  Fx removing tutorial
Toby1423 = Moon teleporter
alzan12 = end game teleporter
shippuden1592 = Shangri-La zombies, Boss zombie
Krazzyboy97/shippuden1592 = Galil weapon
jei9363 = FX
HitmanVere = Commando weapon & Scrolling pap camo tutorial
MakeCents = randomized players script
YaPh1l = Kino style box light
xSanchez78 = Nuke/Double points fix
Ege115 = EE song script
oshawat750 = box light fix
JBird632 = Secondary sound alias tutorial
DuaLVII = Rotating doors

And of course:
UGX team 
If I forgot anyone, let me know

NOTE: This map uses some copyrighted music so if you are going to make a video turn the music volume down!

If you have T4M/Windows 10 you might get some texture glitches. Lower texture quality/turn off specular maps to stop this from happening!
Useful Tips:
All players can get the wonder weapon but only one can upgrade it. If you lose the upgraded ww there is no way to get it back.
The key spawns are random. So if the key is not in the same place than it was last time, it doesn’t mean it’s glitched
Known issues:
Sometimes triggers are a bit sticky. If they don’t activate first move a bit and try again. No idea what’s causing this to happen. Mainly happens while playing solo.

That’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoy. Report bugs in the comments if you find any.



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