Just Survive

Just Survive
By: Storno

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Welcome to Challenge Survive !
This map is very small.

Objectif : Survive the most round !

– Perks : Juggernog, speed cola, double tap, quick revive, stamin up, Mule kick, Widow’s wine, deadshot, bubble gum machine

– Buyable PowerUp’s Random : Instant kill, Max Ammo, Double Point, Carpenter, Nuclear Bomb.

-Buyable End’s Game : 250 000 points !

– Easter Eggs Music : three teddy bear ! (Pitchback – Do you want)

– Change the starting point (950)

– Zombie counter

– Dog’s Round

– Zombie sprinter in round two

COMING SOON : Kino Style Teleporter, Change Starting Weapons, Change Cost Weapons !

[If you notice a bug notify me] !


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